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We know that as a DAD you are responsible for so many things like taking your children to study, no matter what day or time you have, you spend a couple of minutes every morning checking your car, listening to the engine sound, checking That everything is working properly, but, how responsible are you with your oral health?


Just as the car requires frequent maintenance and cleaning, the teeth behave in the same way, remember that it is important to visit the minimum dentist every 6 months, for a thorough cleaning and an assessment of the general condition, thus avoiding future problems such as illness Periodontal and dental caries, where the structure and support of the tooth that resembles a car is lost when the shock absorbers and the tires deteriorate.


You understand, dear DAD, you are in time to take care of your teeth, in ODONTOSUR we do it for you.






Dr. Mariana Martinez


Dentist Odontosur Clinic